Knowledge Acquisition Required in Knowledge Based Economy Era

Knowledge based economy era started in 1990 when the tendency of business shifted from manufacturing industry to service economy. The role of production tools and conventional capital decreased. The labour needed by industry did not only depend on the quantity but also quality, the more important factor. The quality of labour may refer to knowledge and skill which give added value and support the increasing production than in previously era. Therefore, knowledge is a virtual capital of organization in knowledge based economy era. The competitive organization is the one which can manage the knowledge of its member. The challenge is how the organization can manage the knowledge of its member.

The early process to manage the knowledge must be the way to get or create the knowledge which called knowledge acquisition so that the knowledge will be used in next processes which are knowledge sharing and utilization. Knowledge acquisition includes the elicitation, collection, analysis, modelling and validation of knowledge for knowledge engineering and knowledge management projects. Therefore knowledge acquistion is an essential process to be considered by the organization.

Some issues in knowledge acquisition are first, the varieties and quantities of knowledges are had by the members of organization, mentioned as experts, and second, the experts have many tacit knowledges. Thefore, there are some methods or techniques to acquisite knowledge with those issues. Then, knowledge is renewable thing that need to collaborate with other or new knowledge. It requires the continuity of knowledge acquistion.



2 pemikiran pada “Knowledge Acquisition Required in Knowledge Based Economy Era

  1. Woow! Jadi inget TA!

    Eniwei, emg bener tu. Jaman skrg yg namanya learning organization emg lagi booming bgt. Bagaimana caranya transfer knowledge dlm suatu organisasi dpt berjalan dgn mudah hingga organisasi tsb dpt berubah menjadi organisasi pembelajar. Salah satunya lewat KMS aka. knowledge management system.

    Kalo tertarik sama masalah ini, coba baca buku “Learning Organization”-nya Pak Jann, terbitan ITB. Maknyus! :p

  2. hahaha iya yah istilah pertamanya….
    btw, buku itu dah jd referensi bwt KP gw hihihi… TA jg…ma tulisan di atas jg….
    dibon…kapan yah sy ambil buku pesenan sy hihihi…lupa mulu

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